The 'April 24' Apple Watch availability date is a myth

Apple WatchCNETModest queues in Australia for the Apple Watch on Friday.

At the official Apple Watch launch event last month, Apple told excited consumers that they would be able to buy their devices on April 24.

But on Friday, Apple fans pre-ordering their Watches were told that they might have to wait up to six weeks to receive their purchases. That April 24 date is being pushed further and further back.

A lot of people are hearing “June,” “July” or “August.”

Macrumors is keeping a running tally of shipping and delivery times.

It doesn’t look good if you want he top-end Apple Watch Edition Yellow Gold.

From April to August!

Business Insider European tech reporter James Cook was one of the first people in the UK to pre-order and try-on an Apple Watch in-store on Friday morning. He paid £299 for the Apple Watch Sport White.

But when he returned from trying on his Watch in the Selfridges department store in London to check on the Apple website to check his order and see when it will arrive, this was the screen he was presented with:

Here’s what the Apple Watch will look like his wrist when it does eventually arrive (which, according to this page on the Apple Store, will be in June.)

Other people that bought the Apple Watch this morning have posted about how irritated they are that they won’t actually be receiving their purchases for weeks and weeks.

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