People seem to be loving the Apple Watch so far, new survey claims

Although Apple hasn’t revealed any information about how many Apple Watches it’s sold so far, those who have purchased the device seem to love it, according to a new survey.

Wristly, a company that conducts analysis and research into how the Apple Watch is being used, recently surveyed 800 of its 1,000 subscribers about whether or not they’re satisfied with their Apple Watch.

Of those surveyed, 66% said they were “very satisfied/delighted” with the Apple Watch, while 31% said they were “somewhat satisfied.”

Wristly packages this data together to claim that overall satisfaction of the Apple Watch is at 97%, though it’s important to point out that this number may not be the best gauge of the average Apple Watch owner’s satisfaction — only Wristly subscribers.

Wristly’s report also indicates that those outside of the tech industry seem to be more satisfied with the watch than those inside the industry.

The survey comes just as the Apple Watch has come under some criticism in the media, partially following a study from Slice Intelligence that indicated Apple Watch sales have been dropping since its launch. Those results were based on e-receipts the firm analysed from 2.5 million online shoppers in the US, which some have argued may not be an accurate way to gauge whether or not the Apple Watch is succeeding.

The New York Times also just reported that the number of apps for the Apple Watch is growing at a slower rate than that of the iPhone and iPad, and that only five of the 20 most popular apps for the iPhone have a specific Apple Watch version. (That being said, the Apple Watch launched with 3,000 apps, which is more than both the first iPhone and iPad had at launch).

It’s important to keep in mind that we won’t have a solid idea of whether or not the Apple Watch is really taking off until Apple provides some insight into how it’s been selling. Wristly’s survey yielded positive results, but it’s not clear whether or not the survey was based on a representative sample of consumers.

We’re expecting to hear more about how the Apple Watch has been received when Apple reports earnings on Tuesday. The company already said it won’t break out specific sales numbers just for the watch — instead it will be grouped into the “Other” category. Still, analysts and investors are likely to ask about how the watch has been doing on Apple’s earnings call.

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