Here's how long it takes to charge the Apple Watch to 100%

Apple revealed a ton of details about its first-generation Watch on Monday.

People were especially eager to find out more about battery life: Apple confirmed the Watch would indeed get all day battery life — “up to 18 hours,” it said — but nobody on stage mentioned how long it would actually take to charge this device from 0% to 80% or 100%.

On its website, Apple says the Watch will take 90 minutes to go 0% to 80%, and 2.5 hours to go from 0% to 100%.

This charge time was tested by Apple this month using preproduction hardware and software paired with an iPhone running preproduction software. The company says charge time “varies with environmental factors,” so your actual results may vary.

But, Apple does note that the larger 42mm Apple Watch “typically experiences longer battery life” than the smaller 38mm Apple Watch. There’s a $US50 difference between those two sizes, across all Watch models.

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