The battery in the Apple Watch can be replaced

If you’re planning on shelling out between $US349 and $US17,000 for an Apple Watch, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to replace the battery if and when it dies.

Apple confirmed the battery inside the Apple Watch “is replaceable,” according to TechCrunch, though there’s no details yet on how much replacing the battery will cost or what that process entails.

While this is hardly surprising — requiring Apple Watch owners to purchase a new device every few years when the battery dies wouldn’t be the smartest move — it proves that Apple is thinking about how to extend the longevity of the device beyond the life cycle of at least one the watch’s individual components.

So how long will the Apple Watch battery last before it needs to be replaced? TechCrunch is reporting that “we understand the lifecycle of the battery is around three years,” though that hasn’t been confirmed by Apple.

One of the biggest critiques of the Apple Watch has been that the steep price tag doesn’t justify the lifespan of the device itself. Sure, there are timepieces that cost well over the Apple Watch’s most expensive $US17,000 model, but owners of those watches don’t need to worry about their watch being rendered obsolete a few years later by newer software or compatibility issues with the latest apps in the future.

Others argue that Apple doesn’t need to worry about this issue, as the only people that will drop thousands on an Apple Watch will likely be able to afford to upgrade to the newest version anyways.

Apple could largely avoid this issue, however, if it allows upgrades to the Apple Watch’s processor as well. While it’s still a mystery if this is even possible in the current generation of the device, it’s yet another way Apple could convince prospective Apple Watch customers that investing in a more expensive variant is worth it.

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