The Apple Watch's battery will last all day with light app use, says report

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Apple Watch is how long its battery will last. The company previously said you’ll have to charge it nightly, but that doesn’t provide a very clear idea about how much the watch can really handle.

Now, just a few days before Apple’s big event, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman is reporting some new numbers on the watch’s battery life.

The Apple Watch will reportedly last for five hours on a single charge if you’re using apps heavily, according to Gurman, who says he’s spoken with sources that have tried the watch.

With mixed usage, which likely means you’re using apps sporadically throughout the day and are otherwise using it to check the time, it should be able to last a full day.

Gurman notes that this is higher than previous battery life estimates he’s heard from sources, which said the watch would only last between 2.5-4 hours of heavy usage and 19 hours of mixed usage. Apple has since improved the watch’s battery life, according to Gurman’s source.

The watch will also come with a Power Reserve feature, which sounds like it will turn off some power-intensive features to keep basic features alive, like the ability to see the time.

We’ll know for sure on Monday when Apple holds its press event.

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