Inside the Apple Store on Apple Watch launch day

Apple store Apple Watch launch day customer trying on watchBusiness InsiderAn Apple Store employee helps a customer try on the Apple Watch.

Preorders for the Apple Watch began Friday.

As part of the launch, customers can go to the Apple Store now and try variations of the Apple Watch to decide which one they like before ordering.

We went to Apple’s 5th Avenue store in New York to see what it was like.

The store didn't open until 9 a.m. This is what the line looked like around 8:45 a.m.

But wait! That's the wrong line. This was the line for other customers, not the people who wanted to try the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch line was on the other side of the store. It was much shorter than the line for everything else.

Apple Store employees began cheering a few minutes before the doors opened.

In we go!

There were more Apple employees and journalists than customers inside the store.

There were display cases full of Apple Watches.

You could also get a look at the Apple Watch Edition, which is made of gold and starts at $10,000.

There were demo kiosks so you can test out all the features of the Apple Watch.

Whenever you did something on the Apple Watch, the screen on the kiosk would give you more information.

Here's a customer testing out all the Apple Watch features on the kiosk.

If you wanted to try on a watch, you could go to one of these tables. Those cases are full of Apple Watches.

See? There are a lot of variations to choose from.

Customers could walk up to an Apple Store employee and get a one-on-one demo.

Customers could pick which model and strap they wanted to try.

Apple Store employees helped customers put the watch on for the first time.

Customers could try out the various straps and sizes.

There were a lot to choose from.

The Watch comes in two sizes. The smaller model suits people with smaller wrists.

After finding the right model, customers could preorder the watch online.

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