Here's the internal video message Apple's retail boss sent to employees about the Apple Watch launch

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, recently sent a video message to Apple employees to discuss details regarding the launch of the Apple Watch and the new MacBook.

French Apple blog Mac4ever obtained the video and posted it online.

The main point of the memo seemed to be clarifying the Apple Watch’s retail availability on April 24 — which is when the watch officially launches.

Ahrendts said allowing customers to order the Apple Watch online only was a hard decision, but the Apple executive team will keep employees updated as they receive more information.

She also emphasised that the Apple Watch is an entirely new product category for the company.

“It’s a new way of working, it’s a new way of doing things,” she said in the video.

She also said the release of the new MacBook was one of Apple’s best MacBook launches to date. She expects Apple Stores to be packed now that the watch will actually be available for purchase:

“We love our iconic blockbuster launches that we do in the stores,” she said in the video. “And have absolutely no fear, you will see that.”

Check out the full video below.

Exclusif : Angela Ahrendts évoque la sortie de… by mac4ever

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