Apple Tweaks Build Orders: More iPods, Slightly Fewer iPhones, Macs (AAPL)

FBR Research analyst Craig Berger checks in with his contacts within Apple’s (AAPL) component suppliers and finds out… not much has changed since the last time he checked in. Apple’s calendar Q2 build orders are “largely stable” since March, he says in a note today. “Big picture, these checks show that consumer spending, at least at Apple, has not meaningfully deteriorated over the past two months.” Specifically, he says:

  • Apple has increased its CQ2 iPod builds about 15% since March, with more shuffle, classic, and nano builds offsetting fewer touch builds. (Makes sense; analysis of NPD sales figures points to a solid iPod quarter in terms of unit sales.)
  • Apple has cut CQ2 iPhone build volumes by less than 10% since March. Apple’s June, Sept., and Dec. quarter 3G iPhone orders fell to 11 million units, down about 500,000 units since last check, and Berger’s contacts say that Apple will likely trim that forecast again. Berger concludes Apple could sell 11 million iPhones this year, including the 1.7 million it sold last quarter. (Ahead of its widely publicized 10 million unit goal.)
  • Apple’s Mac build volumes fell “modestly” since March, with a pronounced MacBook Pro cut. Berger says it’s hard to compare CQ2 build orders with other quarters because Apple replenished laptop inventory and built initial MacBook Air units during CQ1.

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