Every critic seems to love this one feature in the new Apple TV

The first reviews for the new fourth-generation Apple TV are in.

While the reviews aren’t overwhelmingly positive, many critics do seem to love one thing: the new remote control.

Though the new Siri remote is not much to look at (and it could’ve been much better in general), critics certainly dig its functionality and intuitiveness.

The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey Fowler says the new Siri remote “gets the Internet TV remote right by reaching for the same touch-screen feeling that makes the iPhone intuitive to a two year-old.”

“Without having to look down, you feel connected to what’s happening on the big screen,” Fowler added.

The Verge’s Walt Mossberg is in agreement, calling the remote’s touchpad “slick” and “accurate,” adding that using Siri to navigate “worked surprisingly well almost every time to find TV shows and movies.”

Same goes for USA Today’s Ed Baig. He said the new Siri remote is “intuitive and a delight” thanks to dedicated buttons for play and pause, volume control, and Siri.

Overall, many critics were complimentary of the Siri remote and how well it works with the Apple TV’s fluid interface. But many of these same critics believe the Apple TV is nothing revolutionary, despite all the new goodies.

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