Check Out What Apple TV Might Look Like

apple tv mockup

Photo: The Verge

A television set made by Apple—just the mention of it is enough to send an Apple fan into a drooling delirium.Apple currently makes a box you connect to your existing TV. But people want the real thing, not a set-top box—and there are persistent reports that Apple may be working on one. If those are true, the current estimates are we’ll see it available to consumers no sooner than November 2013.

That means there’s no shortage of speculation about what it will look like and how it will work.

It’s easy to picture the hardware, based on Apple’s iPads and flat-screen iMacs. But what about the software?

Over at The Verge, a user named Knowledge has laid out his wishlist for the Apple TV by designing a hypothetical interface for it.

Obviously you have to have a good TV guide

It should be able to run a number of different apps

You should be able to subscribe to new channels as easily as buying an app

It should integrate with your current TV peripherals

Siri integration could be awesome here

We'd want an integrated movie store as well

And it'd be a snap to buy individual episodes of TV shows

Not every piece of hardware or software is as purposely designed as an Apple device ...

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