Apple just launched its effort to conquer video games

Despite Apple’s overwhelming success with video games on its phones and tablets, the hardware and software giant has yet to take on living room gaming with any seriousness. That changes today with the new Apple TV: a set-top box with a focus on streaming content, which also plays games.

From what we’ve seen thus far, the new Apple TV has a motion-based remote control that enables motion-based gaming directly on your television. Here’s a look at the new remote in use:

The current Apple TV is able to play games only over Apple’s “AirPlay” function; games must be streamed from an iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV box over a shared WiFi network. The difference with the Apple TV announced on Wednesday is its ability to download and play games locally, directly on the device.

Of course, it’s not exactly a huge surprise that the new Apple TV focuses so much on gaming. Reports leading up to the September 9 Apple event indicated that a new Apple TV would be announced and, moreover, it would feature gaming as a highlight.

The device was said to include a remote with Nintendo Wii-like motion controls, which would enable motion-based games like “Real Racing 3” to be played. The remote also supposedly has a microphone built-in, for using voice assistant Siri as a means to interact with the set-top box (from control to search to other stuff we don’t know about).

As for a price, it’s said to be in the $US150-$US200 range — the cost of a much more powerful box than previous Apple TVs (which start at just $US69).

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