The new Apple TV is so reliant on voice search and Siri, its remote only has 5 buttons

Apple just launched its new TV set-top box and one of the biggest improvements is that you can now use Siri to control much of the experience through its revamped remote.

The remote works via Bluetooth so you don’t even have to point the remote at the TV for it to work. The remote’s charge lasts three months, Apple’s Eddy Cue says.

Basically anything you want to do, you can make happen by either swiping or talking to your TV controller via the Siri button.

You can use Siri to search across different sources like Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, or HBO by asking for a specific movie or show, or filtering by cast, director, or genre.

During its demo, Apple walked through a bunch of cool voice controls you can use.

For example, you could use Siri to find super-specific content like, “That ‘Modern Family’ episode featuring Edward Norton.”

Or, you can say things like, “skip seven minutes ahead” or “find Norton’s cameo.”

One of the coolest demos: If you say, “What did she say?” after a character says a line, Apple TV will rewind your video fifteen seconds and then add captions, so you won’t miss any dialogue.

You can also see the stars of any given piece without interrupting the video:

Although this is definitely a cool feature of the new Apple TV, it’s not the first time that voice-control has gotten a big nod.

When Amazon launched its own TV set-top box, voice search was one of the highest-touted features.

The new Apple TV will be available in October.

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