YouTube Tests Letting Users Choose Ads


  • HuffPo will spend some of its $25 million getting into tech news [BoomTown]
  • The Big Kindle sells out [Seattle Business Journal]
  • Microsoft sues three over click fraud [WSJ]
  • Web ads can sometimes carry viruses [WSJ]
  • adds celebrity experts [PaidContent]
  • YouTube tests letting users choose their ads [PaidContent]
  • Twitter and Facebook are facilitating the Iranian uprising [NBC Nightly News]
  • Sun cancels big chip project [Bits]
  • Adobe goes after Google Docs [PaidContent]
  • Bezos on why the Kindle costs more than $99 []
  • Judge makes Apple employees drive 88 miles to go to court [WSJ]
  • Amazon opposes Google’s book search settlement [CNET]
  • Berlusconi v. Murdoch rivaly heats up [NYT]
  • Testing Google Wave (clips) [Blogoscoped]
  • Apple treats third-party developers like garbage []
  • Facebook officially passes MySpace [All Facebook]

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