15 Little-Known Tricks To Make Your Mac's Trackpad Way More Effective

macbook air

You point, click, and scroll with your Mac’s trackpad all day.

But did you know that there are some handy built-in gestures  that make navigating your computer so much easier?

For example, swiping down on the trackpad with four fingers allows you to see all the windows that are open in an app. That’s handy when you can’t remember how many different web pages you have open.

The other 14 tips and tricks will help you to move around your Apple laptop or desktop (if you have the trackpad accessory) even more effectively.

Let's start with some basic gestures. If you want to select something like a link, just tap once to open it.

To right click just tap two fingers on your trackpad.

If you want to find out the definition of a word for example, tap with three fingers.

To drag something around tap with three fingers, hold, and move the item around.

I personally prefer natural scrolling, this means you can move up and down a page the same way you do on an iPhone. Up is down and down is up. If you prefer the traditional way turn this option off.

Simply pinch in to zoom into a photo or webpage, and spread your fingers to zoom out.

If you double-tap on a particular area on the trackpad you can smart zoom, which focuses on a specific portion of the page.

To rotate a photo or other object, use your thumb and forefinger and twist it in a circular motion to achieve the position you want.

You can swipe between web pages by simply scrolling left or right with two fingers.

If you use Apple's multiple desktop feature it's easy to swipe between them by swiping left or right with four fingers on your trackpad.

To take a peek at the notification centre, swipe left from the top right corner of your trackpad with two fingers.

To access Apple's mission control feature, swipe up with four fingers on the trackpad. Mission control brings together full-screen apps, Dashboard, Exposé, and Desktops, giving you an overview of everything on your system.

App Expose can be access by swiping down with four fingers on the trackpad. App Expose lets you see which windows are open in a particular app.

To see all the apps you have installed on your Mac pinch inwards on the trackpad with your thumb and three fingers.

Finally, to show your desktop without any of your apps, spread your thumb and three fingers outward.

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