INCOMING: WSJ Says Apple Told Its Suppliers To Start Shipping Two New IPhones In September

Jony ive appleAPiPhone mastermind Jony Ive.

Apple has asked its supplier, Hon Hai, to start shipping two new models of iPhone in September,
the WSJ reports.

Apple is looking for a high-end and a low-end model, presumably, the iPhone 5S for high end and the iPhone 5C for the low-end.

This isn’t exactly new news. Last week All Things D reported Apple was hosting an event on September 10 to announce the new iPhone. It was pretty much expected the new iPhone would be available a week after the event.

Also, Apple hinted a new iPhone was coming in September on its last earnings call. There was pretty much no way for it to hit its guidance without a new iPhone model.

Still! No point in being wet blankets here. The WSJ says Apple has two new phones and the way, and that’s pretty exciting. After nearly a year without any new products Apple is back at it.

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