Apple To Unveil 'iAd' Mobile Ad Format While Google's AdMob Deal Is Still In Limbo

Steve Jobs iPad

Thought Apple’s war with Google was bad now? Wait until the mobile advertising fight really starts.

Apple will unveil a mobile advertising product called the “iAd” on April 7, just days after the iPad’s launch, MediaPost reports. “The new ad platform … has been described as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘our next big thing’ by Apple chief Steve Jobs, according to executives familiar with the plan,” MediaPost’s Joe Mandese writes.

Mandese doesn’t have many details, but the iAd platform is thought to be built on top of Quattro Wireless, the mobile ad firm that Apple acquired just a few months ago. Steve Jobs is taking an active role overseeing its development: Quattro’s CEO Andy Miller, now Apple’s head of mobile advertising, reports directly to Jobs, as we first reported.

The iAd service will put Apple in even deeper competition with Google. Google is trying to acquire mobile ad firm AdMob, which has been the early leader in iPhone advertising — and Apple initially tried to buy — but the government is holding up the deal.

Presumably, Google is now hoping Apple’s quick entry into the ad market will make it look more competitive, which could help the AdMob deal clear.

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