Apple is raising the price of apps in a handful of territories

Apple is going to raise the price of apps in several territories starting on January 21, according to an email sent to developers which has been seen by iMore.

The territories are: Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa.

Subscriptions will not be affected in Canada, New Zealand, Mexico or Singapore, but the price of apps will rise. Anyone in Russia or South Africa will be given the option of re-subscribing at a different price.

Apple is introducing two new low-price tiers in Canada and New Zealand and will automatically update the price of existing apps and in-app purchases to accommodate the new tiers.

Apple is also giving Romanian developers a bigger cut of revenues after the Value Added Tax (VAT) rate was lowered from 24% to 20% on January 1.

The changes in price come as the dollar strengthens against other currencies, which raises the price of services, such as apps. Apple has made these kind of adjustments before, raising app prices in Australia, India, and Turkey.

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