The Eye-Popping Numbers From Apple's Quarter

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Despite the fact that Apple posted a miss in earnings, it still produced a lot of impressive numbers.We’ve gone through the earnings release, as well as the earnings call to find the most interesting facts about Apple’s business.

For the first time in a while, there are some bad numbers.

First, a look at Apple's revenue miss. As you can see it normally beats expectations with ease

And here's a look at the EPS miss

Now let's get into the rest of the numbers ... Apple's revenue came in at $28.3 billion, missing expectations, but was still up 39% on a year over year basis

Apple's net income was $6.6 billion, short of expectations, but its best ever September quarter

The iPhone grew 21%, a big drop for Apple, and weak compared to the overall market

Apple sold 11.1 million iPads, beating expectations. It's growing faster than the iPhone did through its six quarters.

Mac sales, while not as important to the company any more, were at a record high with 4.89 million sold

The iPod business is dying. (Apple sold 6.6 million iPods, the lowest number in a long time)

Another look at the shrinking iPod business, this time as trailing four quarters

Apple now has $86 billion in cash on hand!

Some context: Only 62 publicly traded companies have market caps bigger than $86 billion. Facebook's entire valuation is just about equal to Apple's cash pile.

What's Apple going to do with it? CEO Tim Cook didn't reveal much when he said on the earnings call, 'I'm not religious about holding cash or not holding it. I'm religious about a lot of things but not that one. And so we will continually ask ourselves what's in Apple's best interest and always do what we believe is in Apple's interest.'

Apple's did $4.5 billion in revenue in China, or 16% of total sales

China is now the second biggest market for Apple. On the earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said revenue from China for fiscal 2011 was over $13 billion, compared to just $3 billion in fiscal 2010.

How big can China get for Apple? Cook said on the call, 'Certainly in my lifetime, I've never seen a country with as many people rising into the middle class that aspire to buy products that Apple makes ... the sky is the limit there.'

Apple had a record 77.5 million people visit its stores, but ...

... Same store sales collapsed!

Apple's same store sales were down 9% on a year over year basis for the quarter. The average Apple store sold $10.7 million worth of stuff for the quarter versus $11.8 million in the year-ago quarter, notes our own Henry Blodget.

The culprit? iPhone sales, again!


That's number of total iOS devices Apple has sold. It grew by 30 million for the quarter.

How does it compare to the previous quarter?

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