Here Are The Changes To IOS 7 Apple Is Trying Out

If you thought Apple was done making changes to the look of the software on your iPhone and iPad now that iOS 7 is finally out, you’re going to be in for a surprise when iOS 7.1 comes out later this year.

Recent beta — or test — versions of iOS 7.1 that Apple has sent out to app developers over the last several weeks have contained visual tweaks to the interface, both major and minor.

In addition to the minor changes like a new button for iTunes Radio, slightly modified “Clear” buttons on the notification screen, and new instructional text in Safari, there are some pretty big changes to parts of iOS that we use every day.

Several of them address complaints people have had against the new look in iOS 7, but are only available by digging into new menu options that some users may not even think to look for.

The “slide to unlock” lettering has been given a more eye-catching animation to make it even more noticeable. A similar change has been added to the power-off slider. The keyboard has a bolder font and different highlighting on the Shift key, and messages “bounce” more as you scroll.

Here’s what it looks like when you receive a phone call. The “Accept” and “Decline” buttons are round instead of rectangular, a change that has also been brought to the dialer and phone interface as well.

Several toggles have been added to iOS’ Accessibility menu that give you more control over the look of the interface. Turning on “Button Shapes” makes the buttons throughout iOS stand out with shading around the text. “Larger Text” lets you make the text in certain apps way bigger, for those who can’t see the thin fonts in iOS 7.

The “Increase Contrast” menu has options that make the dock at the bottom and the folders you use to keep apps organised dark and removes transparency.

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