Apple Could Sell 1.4 Million Tablets At $600 Next Year: Munster

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Apple’s tablet, which is expected to be unveiled in January, won’t be a huge growth driver for the company next year. But as Wall Street begins to factor the devices into their Apple models, increased estimates and louder buzz could drive shares higher.

The tablet, if on sale by the end of March, will deliver a 2% increase in sales next year, writes Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray in a note today. Munster estimates Apple will sell 1.4 million units at an average of $600 per device in 2010.

Apple’s stock price should lift as analysts start adding the tablet into their forecasts for the next year, and as the hype for the tablet grows throughout January, and into March, he says.

Munster also thinks that Apple might use a January event to show off a revamped Apple TV — including a subscription TV show service — and a new iPod Touch with a video camera.

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