You can now take your iPhone 6 into an Apple Store to have a screen protector applied so there's no air bubbles

Starting today, Apple Stores in the United States will apply Belkin screen protectors onto iPhones.

While Apple Stores have sold and installed screen protectors in the past, Apple Store employees have recently been trained to use a new Belkin screen protector application machine that prevents bubbles or dust imperfections from appearing under the film when it’s applied.

The service is only available for iPhones that came out in the past two years: the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus. It can also be applied to iPhones brought in off the street. Unfortunately, the machines will not work with the iPhone 5S or previous models. 

Apple’s new in-store application machine works exclusively with Belkin screen protectors, so other brands of screen protectors the Apple Store carries are not supported. Apple Store employees can apply those manually, though.

Belkin’s screen protectors cost around $35 from the Apple Store and application is free.

But the biggest advantage to Belkin’s new screen protectors is that they will be applied just right, by a professional who has been trained and has done them before. Anyone who has installed their own screen protector knows it’s a tricky process, so getting it perfect might be worth a trip to the Apple Store.

Here’s how it works: 



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