Trying out an Apple Watch just got a lot easier

Apple store Apple Watch launch day customer trying on watchBusiness InsiderAn Apple Store employee helps a customer try on an Apple Watch.

Since the Apple Watch launched, you’ve needed an appointment to try one on. But that’s about to change, according to 9to5Mac.

If you wanted to have a play with an Apple Watch before committing to buying one, you would have to wait for an appointment at an Apple Store. That can sometimes mean a bit of a wait. Once you got to the Apple Store, you would also have to give details like your name and Apple ID to Apple Store employees.

Now, Apple is streamlining the try-on process for the Apple Watch. You can now just walk into an Apple Store and try on an Apple Watch without an appointment. You also don’t have to give Apple Store employees your name or Apple ID.

You can choose to give employees your email address and tell them which models of Apple Watch you tried. That means they can still save your preferences to your Apple Online Store wish list, so you can see which Apple Watch you liked when you go to order one online.

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