Apple Stores Are Now Unlocking New AT&T iPhones

stormtroopers star wars sync iphone 4

Photo: bfishadow via Flickr

In addition to selling the new unlocked versions of the iPhone 4, Apple can also unlock the AT&T version when it’s sold in stores.According to a tipster at 9 To 5 Mac, Apple Store employees have been instructed they an unlock AT&T iPhones by ringing them up as “Device Only” in the system.

Even though the phones carry the SKU for AT&T devices, you’ll still have to pay full price if you decide to buy it unlocked. ($650 for 16 GB and $750 for 32 GB.)

Unlocked iPhones will allow you to insert a SIM card from any GSM carrier (such as T-Mobile and others around the world) and operate it on those networks instead of AT&T.

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