Apple's Coolest Stores From Around The World

appleApple’s store in China

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Today is the 10th anniversary of Apple’s retail stores.When Apple decided to launch its own brick and mortar stores critics scoffed that they would fail.

Apple proved the doubters wrong, and the stores generated $3.19 in sales last quarter, 13% of Apple’s overall business.

The retail stores were a brilliant marketing move, allowing the company to define its brand to consumers around the world.

Their sleek exteriors and welcoming interiors are just what Apple wants people to think of when they think of Apple.

These are Apple's first two stores. Tysons Corner, Virginia on the left, Glendale, California on the right.

The wooden tables that are now standard in Apple stores started in Phoenix

Apple's first international expansion was into Japan, this is its Ginza store

Apple's dedication to secrecy and big reveals carries over to its stores. Here is its best attempt to keep a secret in New York ...

... and its attempt in China to hide a new store.

The Apple store in Shanghai revealed

The Apple store in Manhattan on 5th avenue revealed

Looking up at the glass stair case inside the 5th avenue store

Here's another store in China.

Apple's stores can reflect their surroundings, like this store in Miami.

Or this store in London, which is Apple's biggest in the world.

A view from the London store, which is Apple's largest, looking out to the street

Apple store openings are usually a big deal. Here you can see the celebration of a store opening in Hawaii.

Apple is quite fond of big glass fronts for its stores, like this one in Boston

The Boston store also sports one of Apple's signature glass staircases

Apple's store in the mall at Louvre makes for pretty photos

The interior of Apple's other store in Paris is crazy looking

And here's the exterior of the Paris store on the day it opened

Apple's store in Bondai has trees in it.

This isn't an Apple store, but Apple paid $3.9 million to help Chicago transit renovate this train station which is near its Lincoln Park store

And here's the Lincoln Park store

Which store did we miss?

Is there a great Apple store that should be on here, but we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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