10 surprising things you can buy at the Apple Store

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If you’re making a trip to the Apple Store, there’s a good chance you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, get your Mac repaired, or purchase a new phone case or charger.

While the Apple Store may be best known for products and services like these, it actually sells a broad range of gadgets and accessories from third-party companies – including smart toothbrushes and sensors that can help you stay on top of your tennis game.

Given Apple’s increased focus on heath and education in recent years, it makes sense that the company would expand its retail offerings beyond traditional accessories like iPhone cases, chargers, and car mounts. But even with this in mind, these devices probably aren’t the types of products one would usually associate with the Apple Store.

Here’s a look at some items you might be surprised to find in Apple’s retail and digital stores.

A smart toothbrush that teaches you to brush better


Colgate’s $US100 smart toothbrush uses artificial intelligence to gather data about your brushing habits, which it then sends to your iPhone or iPad. Sensors inside the brush can detect its position and orientation, and it makes recommendations about your brushing habits over time via the Colgate app.

A temperature-controlled coffee mug


If you can’t seem to find the right temperature for your morning coffee fix, try Ember’s smart mug, which you can buy through Apple. The $US80 mug allows you to control your desired drinking temperature from your iPhone or Apple Watch and track your caffeine consumption. Apple also sells a larger version of the mug for $US130 that holds 14 ounces instead of 10, and a travel version for $US150.

A bike helmet that communicates with your Apple Watch


Need a new bike helmet? The Apple Store has you covered. The most interesting aspect of the $US180 Lumos Bike Helmet is the way it integrates with the Apple Watch: the Lumos app for the watch detects when you’re making a hand signal and activates corresponding turn signal lights on the helmet. And, of course, your ride activity syncs with Apple Health.

A jump rope that counts your hops

The $US50 Tangram Factory Smart Rope Rookie Jump Rope has magnetic sensors that can count your jumps and display the results on your iPhone and Apple Watch. The app makes interval training suggestions too. You can also opt for the $US80 version that has LED lights built in.

Sensors for your tennis racket that analyse your swing

Zepp’s Tennis 2 Swing Analyser can help you track your performance by measuring metrics such as stroke type, ball speed, and ball spin. It also captures each rally as a clip that you can review later on. The $US100 product comes with the sensor and mounts to add it to your tennis racket.

A smart controller for your lawn sprinkler

If you’re looking for some assistance with maintaining your lawn this summer, you might find what you’re looking for at the Apple Store. Apple sells the $US230 Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, which lets you manage your sprinkler schedule through Apple’s Home app. The system can also adjust the watering schedule according to the weather.

A device for monitoring the air quality in your home

If you want to keep tabs on your home’s air quality, Apple sells the Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor for $US100. The device works with your iPhone and iPad to display information like volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature, and humidity, and can also serve up information on previous conditions broken down by hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

A wireless blood pressure monitor

You can purchase the Withings BPM Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor through the Apple Store for $US100, which syncs with the company’s Heath Mate app on the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. The FDA-approved blood pressure monitor communicates with the app to provide colour-coded feedback and create charts based on your readings over time.

A wearable device to help perfect your posture

Upright Go

Slouching at your desk too much? Apple sells the Upright Go for $US80, a small device to be worn on the back that’s meant to help improve your posture. The device communicates with an iOS app to develop a posture-training program based on your profile that lasts for three to four weeks.

A smart scale that can display your body fat and water percentage in addition to your weight

For those looking to upgrade their bathroom scale, Apple sells the $US100 Withings Body + Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale, which is capable of providing much more information about your health than just your weight. The scale displays a wealth of statistics meant to give you more context behind your weight, such as your total body fat, water percentage, and bone and muscle mass. And of course, Withings’ Health Mate app works with Apple’s Health app too, and the company offers an Apple Watch app as well.

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