Apple's design genius Jony Ive created a wood-themed Apple Store lined with trees

Apple’s design chief Jony Ive isn’t just in charge of overseeing how Apple’s products are crafted — he now plays a role in designed the company’s iconic retail stores too.

One of the first Apple Stores to open under Ive’s influence is located in Brussels, Belgium, and local news site from the area just posted a bunch of photos of it.

Although the store generally looks like most of Apple’s other retail locations, there are a few noticeable differences.

The new Ive-designed store includes rows of trees with wooden benches surrounding them.

These areas are meant to serve as seating for those waiting to be helped at the Genius Bar, according to Belgian site ANV

Wood seems to be a big theme throughout the store in general. There are wooden displays made for headphones for sale in the store as well as other accessories.

A single large screen displays photos of Apple’s products, meaning there are fewer backlit displays throughout the store. This gives it a cleaner look overall.

Check out a video of the store below. 

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