Apple has a weird name for what happens when employees finish their training

It’s a big day for Apple employees when they’re given their first Apple shirt and lanyard. It means that they’re finally a part of the team.

Apple even has a special name for the moment when employees pass training and get out to work: It’s called “getting shirtified.”

The Apple T-shirt is an iconic part of the Apple Store experience. You can easily recognise employees by their shirts. Journalists even write about changes to the shirt’s design.

So the day Apple employees get “shirtified” is a big moment. It’s such a big moment, in fact, that they like to document it on social media.

A former Apple Store employee talked about getting “shirtified” in a Reddit post. They said that the training required lots of role play, and the final test was pretending to sell an upgraded iMac to a manager.

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Apple Store training usually takes place in a hotel, and can take several days. They learn things like the “three As”: Acknowledge, Align, Assure.

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But once employees are done with training, they get shirtified, and can get to work at Apple.

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