Apple made a tiny change that stopped companies creating charging bands for the Apple Watch

Apple’s latest software update for the Apple Watch included a tiny change that has killed off a line of watch bands that would have allowed customers to charge their watch on the go, Mac Rumours reports.

The Apple Watch includes a tiny port called an accessory port that’s hidden beneath a flap on the device. It’s likely there so that Apple can manage Apple Watches in stores without having to connect to them all via Bluetooth.

But companies like Reserve Strap figured out a way to make Apple Watch bands that plug into the hidden port and could charge the watch as it’s worn.

Apple Watch hidden port

However, Apple recently released a software update that stops those bands from working. They can no longer get power or interact with the Apple Watch by plugging into that slot, so that effectively ends the usefulness of the watch bands.

Reserve Strap says it’s going to sell straps to people who haven’t yet updated their Apple Watch software, but otherwise it has stopped taking orders.

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