The building where Apple will reveal the iPhone 8 reportedly has special rotating elevators and a huge hidden room

Apple Park, Steve Jobs TheatreDuncan Sinfield/YouTubeThe new Steve Jobs Theatre, located just off the main Apple Park campus.

The press may be treated to more than shiny new iPhones during Apple’s September 12 event at the company’s new “spaceship” Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

The Steve Jobs Theatre auditorium where Tim Cook will reveal Apple’s new products will supposedly have two custom-made rotating elevators, which “turn as they ascend and descend so that passengers enter and exit by the same door even as they go in and out from different directions,” according to Bloomberg.

If Bloomberg’s description is correct, Apple’s elevators could look something like this: 

Apple’s rotating elevators would have the same function as elevators with doors on either side, but the conventional double-sided elevator design may be too conventional for Apple, which has spared no expense on its new $US5 billion campus. A quick Google search for buildings with rotating elevators suggests that few buildings currently use rotating elevators.

Bloomberg’s report also mentions a hidden wall that “obscures a hollow space below the floating saucer,” which will reveal the product demonstration room and should make for a dramatic unveiling of the physical products following the end of Apple’s September 12 keynote.

Back on September 2, a Brazilian Apple blog called MacMagazine posted photos on its Instagram account allegedly revealing what the Steve Jobs Theatre looks like from the inside. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but they could show the retractable “inside wall” hoisted into the air above the stage, covered in what appears to be a plastic wrap — that would make the open space in the rear of the stage the demo room that Bloomberg refers to. Click the arrow on the right of the photo to see more photos:

Business Insider will be covering everything that Apple launches on September 12 live from Apple Park.


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