New Images Of Apple's 'Spaceship' Headquarters In California

Apple is building a new headquarters — dubbed Apple Campus 2 — a 2.8-million-square-foot hub parked in the northeast corner of Cupertino, Calif.
For the last few years, we’ve heard the rumours of grand plans, but it wasn’t something we could visualise because specifically, we didn’t know what to expect.

Now, straight out of the City of Cupertino, come some brand new images that give us a much better idea of the giant hub Apple is building for its campus.

Here are the photos, which we first saw on Wired.

Apple's brand new headquarters.

The main building is 2.8 million square feet with room for 13,000 employees.

One of the first looks at the interior of the building.

A view of the pavilion.

The pavilion from above.

A field leading up to the entry way for the new corporate auditorium.

An entrance to campus.

The Transit Center and main entryway to the spaceship (from above).

A view of the entryway.

A view of the transit station.

A tunnel that will lead drivers to the parking garage underneath the headquarters.

This is where the press will be during special events.

The huge cafeteria.

The on-campus gym and recreation center.

The auditorium's meeting area.

The Corporate Transit Center.

The new campus will have tons of outdoor space.

Another look at the sleek design.

A view of the visitor's center.

A security checkpoint outside the campus.

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