Apple Made A Life-Size Mockup Of Its Upcoming 'Spaceship' Campus

A report in the Silicon Valley Business Journal claims that it found the first mockup of Apple’s spaceship campus. 9to5mac writes that these are the first clear shots of a model since Apple announced this back in April.

The one-story fragment is just one part of the proposed 2.8 million-square-foot office building.

Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Nathan Donato Weinstein writes that contractors created this 9,000-square-foot building to test “to test construction methods, tolerances and the visual appearance of precast concrete elements.”

Weinstein notes that a proposal for a 9,000-square-foot building was submitted for a demo to the city. It makes sense for the contracting team to build a test site since this spaceship structure could be complicated.

Another image appeared on Reddit that gives a more-detailed look at the campus. Check it out below.

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