Here's What Apple's New "Spaceship" Headquarters Looks Like Today...

Apple Campus 2

Apple is in the final approval process for its new “Spaceship” campus in Cupertino, California.
The company hopes to finish construction of the Spaceship three years from now, in the middle of 2016.

But it hasn’t broken ground yet.

I was in Cupertino the other day, so I checked out the site of the new campus.

Suffice it to say that Apple has a lot of work to do.

First, some context. Apple's new campus (red bubble) will be located about a mile from its current campus (blue dot) in Cupertino, California. Apple won't be ditching the old campus, by the way. They need the space.

Everyone has been drooling over the drawings of the new campus, which Steve Jobs proudly presented a couple of years ago.

Apple Campus 2

The new campus will feel like a park.

All parking will be underground, so the place won't be cluttered with cars, and the curve of the building will mean that it never seems particularly humongous or imposing. The campus will have 6,000 trees.

As un-intrusive as it looks, the Spaceship will have 2.8 million square feet of space and house about 12,000 people.

So that's what the Spaceship campus is expected to look like in 2016. For now, however, it doesn't look at all like that.

Apple Campus 2

The Spaceship campus will be built on the site of an old Hewlett-Packard campus. That campus is located off a road called 'Pruneridge Drive.' According to one person we talked to, Pruneridge Drive (below) runs right through the middle of the future Spaceship.

The old Hewlett-Packard campus is not in the best of shape. Its derelict buildings look like the Silicon Valley equivalent of the old South Bronx.

Windows are smashed. Debris is everywhere. And the whole place is gated off.

It's a reminder of how ephemeral corporate success can be. It's also a reminder of how the physical manifestation of a company -- the buildings employees work in -- actually aren't the company. (Hewlett-Packard isn't in great shape these days, but it's better off than these buildings.)

Anyway, all of these buildings will be torn down to make room for the Spaceship.

The empty parking lots will also be torn up.

Even the road will be ripped up.

As you drive around the campus today, you see lots of signs advertising what will soon be built there. (The official name, by the way, is not the Spaceship. It's 'Apple Campus 2.')

There's one company, by the way, that's probably not looking forward to the Spaceship finally becoming a reality. That company, Panasonic, used to be one of the most dominant consumer electronics companies in the world. Now, however, it is getting clobbered.

So it's probably not thrilled that Apple will be building the equivalent of ginormous McMansion next door!

So that's the future Spaceship campus. In the meantime, Apple folks will have to make do over at One Infinite Loop, which is about a mile away...

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