Apple's Latest Acquisition Has Officially Shut Down Its Radio Service

Just a day after Apple purchased Swell, the personalised radio and podcast application has officially shut down. Swell’s shuttering, according to Re/code, was “part of the deal.”

When you try to play a radio station or podcast, you’ll receive the following message:

Thank you so much for supporting Swell. We want to inform you that Swell is no longer available. We’ve been inspired by the opportunity to create a quality product and are so grateful for your support. For more information, please visit the Swell website at

Swell previously raised $US7.2 million from investors including Google Ventures, DFJ, and InterWest Partners.

Re/code reported that Apple paid $US30 million for Swell.

The company was previously working on a version of Swell for Android, but that’s obviously not going to happen.

Click here to learn more about Swell and how it will fit into Apple’s ecosystem.

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