CRAZY: Apple Ships More Mobile Phones Than Motorola For The Second Quarter In A Row

Apple is completely humiliating the legacy mobile industry when it comes to profiting from mobile phone sales. But it’s also now starting to beat some of the old guard in quarterly unit shipments, too — notably Motorola, which just reported lower mobile phone shipments than Apple for the second quarter in a row.

Even just a few years ago, you might have laughed at the idea — Motorola was a giant (though troubled) mobile phone vendor, shipping millions and millions of devices per quarter, led by the Razr. In Q2 2007, for instance — the quarter when Apple first started selling the iPhone — Motorola shipped 35.5 million units, including the 100 millionth Razr.

But now as co-CEO Sanjay Jha tries to reconstruct the company, focusing on Google Android-based smartphones, its overall shipments are way down — down 75% over three years — even below Apple’s.

Apple shipped 8.4 million iPhones during its June quarter, vs. 8.3 million for Moto (including just 2.7 million Android smartphones.)

Those smartphone numbers are what Motorola should be focusing on, because without them, the company is toast. But it’s going to be a while before it catches Apple there, if ever.

Here’s what the trend looks like in overall device shipments over the last three years:

Motorola vs Apple mobile phone shipments

Here’s the trend zoomed in over the past year:

Motorola vs Apple mobile phone shipments

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