Apple Trying To Figure Out How People Are Using The iPad


Now that iPad owners have had a few weeks to play with their iPads, Apple is grilling them on how it’s being used.

We received an email from Apple asking us to let it know how we use our iPad.

Apple wants to know if we’re still using iPods, eReaders and notebooks, or if the iPad has replaced them.

The survey is long — like, over 50 questions long. We plucked out a few of the more interesting ones we saw.

Click here to see some of Apple’s iPad survey >

Apple wants to know if it was worth putting the iPad in Best Buy or not

Where are you hearing about the iPad? Blogs! Obviously.

Apple wants to know if its promo videos are worth the effort. What influences us?

What were we confused about before we bought the iPad?

This should be the first question, in our opinon. Do you like your iPad?

What are the best features of the iPad?

How hard is it to set up? Wish we had an option to say we think it's silly to have to plug it into a desktop/laptop. It should be ready right out the box.

Have you mastered the iPad? YES!

Where will you use the iPad? Is this for work or play?

Which rooms will you use this in...a little weird question.

Another question about how we use the iPad. For what it's worth -- we are Safari, Twitter, and email. Everything else is little used now.

Are you using it how you thought? Yup.

This is interesting. Is the iPad being shared? Or does it belong to just one person?

A set-up question. Are you a gadget owner? Will you stop using other things?

Is the iPad as magical and revolutionary as promised? Apple wants to know what we think is best on the iPad.

We can now close our browser! Thanks Apple?

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