Apple has new self-driving car hardware covered with iPod-style white plastic

  • An updated version of Apple’s self-driving car was spotted in Silicon Valley.
  • It’s sporting a new set of white plastic-covered sensors on top of the car’s roof rack.
  • Apple’s self-driving cars will reportedly be used for an internal company shuttle to bring employees from one building to another.

Apple’s self-driving cars have a new array of sensors, according to video tweeted by self-driving car startup founder MacCallister Higgins on Tuesday. 

According to the video, Apple has a new array of sensors with which it’s equipping its fleet of self-driving cars. 

The rack spotted in Higgins’ video is covered in Apple-style white plastic, and sports a lot of different sensors, including six Lidar sensors, according to his tweets. 

Check it out: 

Here’s what previous versions of the sensor array looked like:

According to documents filed with the California DMV earlier this year, Apple is currently operating a fleet of three Lexus SUVs to test its self-driving car software. Apple also plans to operate a self-driving shuttle using the technology, according to The New York Times. 

In 2016, Apple reportedly drastically scaled back its car ambitions, codenamed “Project Titan,” from building a complete vehicle to focusing on the self-driving component.

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