Meet The Winners And Losers In Apple's Huge Shakeup

Jony Ive

Photo: Screenshot

Scott Forstall, the Apple executive who was a former favourite of Steve Jobs but botched the launch of Siri and Maps, is out!So who’s in?

A host of executives who clashed with him and are now gobbling up the turf he built as Apple’s mobile-software and -services czar.

WINNER: Craig Federighi now runs all of Apple's operating-system teams—OS X for Macs and iOS for iPhones and iPads.

WINNER: Eddy Cue already ran iTunes; now he runs all Apple online services, including Siri and Maps.

WINNER: Jony Ive now oversees software design as well as hardware.

WINNER: Bob Mansfield, who got paid a fortune to reverse his retirement, now oversees core mobile technologies, including chips.

DRAW: Bill Stasior, who just joined Apple from Amazon, is in charge of fixing Siri, and now reports to Cue.

DRAW: Jennifer Bailey oversee Apple's online stores. As online and offline shopping merge, she could gain more clout.

LOSER: Scott Forstall is out, after leading the most important mobile OS in the world.

LOSER: John Browett, who lead Apple retail, is now out.

DRAW: Tim Cook. He's cleaning house, which is good, but he hired John Browett. And he ultimately approved Apple maps. And he will have to deal with this fall out, which will be something to watch.

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