Apple Has Relaunched Its 'Secret' EBay Store To Unload Refurbished Phones

If you’re looking to score an iPhone 5 on the cheap, head on over to eBay immediately.

Apple’s eBay store — which undercuts the prices on Apple’s online store — appears to be back up, according to TechCrunch. The store originally appeared in October 2012.

It makes sense that Apple might link arms with eBay once again. Apple doesn’t sell refurb phones online, but with the iPhone 6 on its way this fall, the company could be looking to rid itself of excess inventory.

Right now a refurbished, unlocked 64GB iPhone 5 can be yours for $US499. You can’t buy an iPhone 5 from Apple anymore; they discontinued it when the iPhone 5C came out.

Black 32GB models are going for $US479, also unlocked.

In fact, all of the phones in eBay stores are unlocked GSM models, meaning you can take them to a carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile and sign up for a plan.

It’s still unclear if this is a legitimately Apple-run store, but these refurbs come fully tested and in good condition. They even include a one-year warranty.

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