Apple Selling New Gadgets! Magical Trackpad And More!

apple trackpadClick here for a gallery of all the new stuff Apple is selling >

Apple has refreshed its Mac lineup, as anticipated, and introduced a few new gizmos to its store this morning.Here’s the new wares:

  • Magic Trackpad for $69: This is just like a trackpad on a Mac laptop, except it’s designed for the desktop. It’s a multitouch gesture pad. We prefer a mouse with our desktop, but maybe others prefer a touchpad.
  • New iMacs for $1,200 to $2,000: The new iMacs have faster processors in them at the same price as the old iMacs. 
  • New Mac Pro for $2,500 to $5,000: Now has 12 cores of processing power, which makes it pretty fast. But, the 12-core costs $5,000. Coming in August.
  • 27″ LED Cinema Display for $999: This is an LED display that looks similar to the iMacs. It’s very vibrant and nice…but it’s $999.
  • Battery charger for $29: Since Apple’s magic mouse, trackpad, and keyboard are wireless, the company is selling a battery charger and 6 batteries.

Magic Trackpad!

Here's the new display, Apple recommends you hook it up to a laptop.

Another look at the display

The Mac Pro

Nice new battery charger for $29

And the iMacs, which haven't changed.

Another look at the iMac

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