Apple Put Out A Bunch Of New iPhone 5 Ads—And They're Good

As if the hoards of people camping out to get the iPhone 5 wasn’t good publicity enough, Apple rolled out four brand new iPhone 5 ads in quick succession Friday night. And they’re good.

It’s about time considering that for a while, the only iPhone 5 related spots we were seeing were viral jabs by Samsung.

While we already showed you the first spot, called “Thumbs,” late last night , there are three others that follow a similar format — clean and compelling, the ads have one word titles that focus on a cool new feature. (Apple is probably holding off on the “Maps” spot until a future update). 

Oh, and they’re all narrated by Newsroom (and Dumb and Dumber) star Jeff Daniels.

Watch all the upbeat spots, by TBWA/Media Arts Lab, below.

“EARS” (“I don’t know what shape that is, but it’s not round.”)




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