Apple pulled a perfectly good and useful app that helps you find your lost AirPods, and it's unclear why

Apple on Monday pulled an app from the App Store called Finder for AirPods, which could help you find one of your two wireless AirPods in case you misplaced or lost one.

One member of the app’s development team, named Deucks, posted part of an alleged email conversation with Apple regarding the takedown of the app on Reddit:

“They didn’t find anything wrong with the app itself, but rather they they [sic] didn’t like the ‘concept’ of people finding their Airpods and hence was deemed ‘not appropriate for the App Store’.”

Business Insider has reached out to Deucks, the development team, and Apple for further comment, but we haven’t heard back yet.

It’s unclear why Apple pulled the app, as it received positive reviews and was being touted as a genuinely helpful app. It used the Bluetooth connection between Apple’s AirPods and your iPhone to indicate how close you were to the missing AirPod(s). The stronger the Bluetooth signal, the closer you were, which helped narrow down your search to a specific area instead of turning your place upside down.

Without the app, the only option after losing AirPods — and not finding them — is to buy the entire set all over again for $229. The app was a good solution that cost only $4 from the App Store.

We’re not sure if Apple’s alleged statement posted on Reddit is legitimate, but if it is, it doesn’t sound like a good reason to pull the app. Of course, Apple owns the App Store and can do whatever it wants with it, but Apple did approve this app to begin with, and the “concept” of finding lost AirPods seems like a quality service that Apple, or some third party, should provide, especially considering the pricey alternative of buying replacements. It would be understandable if the app posed technical issues with your iPhone or AirPods, but again, we’ll wait to hear an official explanation from Apple.


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