What to expect from Apple's big event besides new Macs

Apple’s event on October 27 will focus on Macs, but we’re also expecting some news beyond that.

So what’s coming besides that much-anticipated new MacBook Pro (which you can read all about here)?

Let’s break it down:


Apple’s new wireless headphones are supposed to go on sale in October. And since the month is rapidly coming to close, you can expect the company to announce when you’ll finally be able to buy the AirPods.

Our guess? They will go on sale immediately after the keynote wraps up. In the meantime, check out our review of the AirPods.

iOS 10.1

iOS 10.1 is the first major update to iOS 10, the latest operating system for iPhones and iPads. It also comes with a big feature: Portrait mode for the dual-camera system on the iPhone 7 Plus. The new mode lets you mimic the “bokeh” effect from DSLR cameras, where the subject is clear and the background appears blurry.

iOS 10.1 has been in beta for a few weeks, so there’s a good chance Apple will announce when the final version is available.

A new Cinema Display?

Apple discontinued its external Cinema Display a few months ago, leading some to believe a new version with a 5K screen is in the works. There haven’t been many solid reports on the likelihood of a new Cinema Display, but launching one along with a powerful new MacBook Pro would make a lot of sense.

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