The Truth About Apple Product Placements

legally blonde apple product placement

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In his book “Inside Apple,” Adam Lashinsky briefly dissects Apple’s approach to publicity.Apple says it never pays for product placements, but the company’s products appeared 386 times in original broadcast programming in 2010, according to numbers from Nielsen.

The ABC show Modern Family even made the iPad a key plot element in an episode where a character longed to own one.

Such “advertising” is obviously priceless.

When it came to paid advertising, however, Steve Jobs loved taking out full-page ads for Apple on the back covers of magazines. And any time an Apple product appeared organically on the front cover — as a news item or for a review — it helped the ad make an even larger impression.

Jobs had a stock response for Monica Karo, the executive who handled Apple’s ad buys, any time an advertising issue came up: “You worry about the back covers, I’ll worry about the front covers.”