Apple Stores Are Matching $50 Discounts For The iPhone

iPhone hand holding getty iPhone 4s

Photo: Michael Nagle / Getty

Apple appears to be matching prices from other retailers for discounted iPhones.We’re seeing reports on sites like MacRumors that Apple Store employees are authorised to discount iPhones by $50 if the customer brings in an ad with that price from another retailer. 

Sprint recently dropped the price of all iPhone models by $50. And it looks like Best Buy is selling some iPhone models for $50 off too.

We called around and asked a few Apple Store locations if the reports of price matching are true. One store in the D.C. area said employees were not authorised to price match. Another one in New York said they could only price match the iPhone 4 (not 4S) if the customer brings in a current flyer from a competing retailer.

So it’s a little confusing what Apple’s policy is on price matching. Your best bet is to call your local store ahead of time and ask.

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