The demo for the iPad Pro involved a man Photoshopping a woman's face to make her smile more

The Apple event is today and the internet is buzzing with the first details of some of the company’s newest products and updates. 

In the first hour, CEO Tim Cook introduced the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, which is a stylus to be used in tandem with the newer, bigger, more powerful iPad. (Follow Tech Insider’s coverage of the Apple event here.)

But while an Adobe demonstrator was onstage showing off the new stylus and a program called “Photoshop Fix,” he made an odd choice by announcing he would Photoshop a woman’s face to give her a bigger smile.

The tweet and photo above is from that moment.

Why is that a problem? A man telling a woman to smile or “smile more!” is highly and widely-regarded as a form of harassment, and a line many women find uncomfortable and inappropriate.

In the past, the idea of being told to smile has prompted responses from many news outlets including the Huffington Post and the L.A. Times. Street artist Tatyana Falalizadeh even started the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” project as a response to the issue. 

As the moment at the Apple event unfolded, people on Twitter immediately started commenting, though The Verge notes the demonstration was met “with applause” in the room.

Huffington Post’s deputy managing editor Alexis Kleinman tweeted:

“Yeah, make that woman smile, Apple,” Damon Beres of Huffington Post Tech tweeted.



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