Apple Marketing Chief On Google Glass: 'I Can't Believe They Think Anyone Normal Will Ever Wear These Things'

Now that Google has halted public sales of its Glass eyewear, the future seems uncertain for the wearable.

It turns out Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller has also been sceptical of Google Glass, with a recently published email from 2012 revealing that Schiller said, “I can’t believe they think anyone (normal) will ever wear these things.”

The email exchange began back when Google Glass first was announced.

Tech blogger Abdel Ibrahim, who had talked with Schiller before about photography, emailed Schiller a blog post from The Tech Block that poked fun at a picture of Google co-founder Sergey Brin wearing Glass, comparing the eyewear to Steve Martin’s ridiculous glasses in the film “The Jerk.”

Schiller found the comparison funny, and emailed Ibrahim back. You can see the entire conversation below (Ibrahim also sent Business Insider the headers from the email exchange to verify their authenticity).

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