Apple Poaches A Hulu Employee To Work On Deals For Apple Television

Apple TV

Apple has hired Hulu SVP Pete Distad to work on negotiations with cable companies for Apple TV, Adam Satarino at Bloomberg reports. 

On LinkedIn, Distad says his responsibilities at Hulu include, “leading Hulu’s efforts in customer acquisition and retention, content distribution and marketing partnerships, and content and brand marketing.” He also says he led the growth of Hulu’s subscription business. 

Last year, Satarino reported that Apple was struggling to get deals done with cable companies. Cable companies didn’t want to give up control over the consumer to Apple, which, it seems, was pitching adding its own layer of software over cable. 

It looks like Distad is going to be in charge of closing those deals. 

Apple has been kicking around doing something in the TV business for a long time. So far, it’s only amounted to the little Apple TV box, which plugs into a TV. 

That box is getting better, but it’s still behind the competition from Roku, and Microsoft’s Xbox. 

Speaking of Apple TV, Satarino says it’s going to get access to Time Warner Cable’s content. This will be an app for Apple TV akin to what Time Warner Cable offers on the iPhone and iPad. There’s no time line on when it will hit the Apple TV. 

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