Apple People Are Not Like Samsung People — Here's The Statistical Proof

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In light of Samsung recently unveiling the Galaxy S4, which is right on par with the competition from a hardware perspective, Apple has unleashed a new advertising campaign that highlights why people love their iPhones.

So, which company is cooler? A company is arguably only as cool as the people who like it. We decided to take a look into what else Samsung and Apple fans like on Facebook. 

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A company called Likester has tracked over 1.2 billion Facebook Likes from tens of millions of users. Its marketing tool, Likester Pro, lets brands see what else their fans like.

All you have to do is type a company’s name into the Likester engine to learn about what the company’s fans like to read, watch on TV, and even where they like to shop. 

Likester founder Kevin McCarthy was kind enough to give us an account to explore what Samsung and Apple fans like. So we dove right in to Likester’s trove of data to see if Apple and Samsung people are all that different. 

We specifically analysed the likes on Apple’s official Facebook page, though, it appears that Apple has never actually posted to its page. Samsung, on the other hand, has several Facebook pages, but we specifically looked at the Samsung Mobile USA page

Apple has a ton of Brazilian fans, and they are mostly men.

Collectively, they also love music more than anything else, and are mostly men (62%).

Total fans: 8,853,589

Samsung's fans are American and female.

The majority of people who like Samsung's Mobile USA page are unsurprisingly based in the U.S., and they skew female. A majority (51%) of its fans are female.

Total fans: 22,729,575

'The Simpsons' has a total of 62,231,072 likes.

Overlap between Apple and The Simpsons: 13,590 likes

Other shows Apple customers like include Two and a Half Men (11,896 overlap) and The Big Bang Theory (8,363).

'Family Guy' has a total of 51,418,543 likes on Facebook.

Overlap between Samsung and Family Guy: 21,855 likes

Samsung customers also like to watch The Simpsons, with an overlap of 16,274 likes.

Apple fans love Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has a total of 61,335,580 likes.

Overlap between Apple and Coca-Cola: 12,582

Samsung customers Starbucks

Starbucks ranks number one among Samsung customers with an overlap of 17,649 people.

Samsung fans love Eminem

Eminem has a total of 67,397,577 likes on Facebook.

Overlap between Samsung and Eminem: 21,094 likes

Other than Eminem, people who like Samsung also Lil Wayne, Drake, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and Katy Perry.

But Apple fans, on the other hand, prefer Adele

Adele has 39,809,443 likes on Facebook.

Overlap between Adele and Apple: 11,891 likes

It's not that Apple users don't like Eminem, but they collectively like Adele more than Eminem.

Overlap between Apple and Eminem: 6,102

Samsung fans really like Walmart

Walmart has 27,573,037 likes on Facebook.

Overlap between Samsung and Walmart: 26,495

Other than Walmart, Samsung fans have an affinity toward Target and

But Apple fans don't like any of the big discount scores, at least not the ones in the U.S.

When looking at the like overlap between Apple and retail stores, it becomes evident that Apple fans like Brazil-based retailer Brandsclub. There's absolutely no sign of any love for the likes of Walmart and Target.

Brandsclub has 1,253,143 likes on Facebook.

Overlap between Brandsclub and Apple: 6,049

If you're an Apple fan, you're likely a huge Harry Potter fan

The 'Harry Potter' movie has more than 60 million likes. And it seems to resonate the most with Apple fans, as it's the movie with the most cross-referenced likes.

Overlap between Apple and 'Harry Potter': 7,678 likes

Samsung fans tend to flock toward Toy Story

It's not that Samsung fans don't like 'Harry Potter'. It's just that 'Toy Story' shares more likes with Samsung than 'Harry Potter' does.

Overlap between Samsung and 'Toy Story': 12,021 likes

Overlap between Samsung and 'Harry Potter': 9,818 likes

Surprisingly enough, Samsung fans like iTunes more than Apple fans do

iTunes has a total of 25,547,409 likes on Facebook.

Overlap between Apple and iTunes: 6,169 likes

Overlap between Samsung and iTunes: 14,897 likes

Samsung fans really like Nicki Minaj

More than 28 million people like hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj on Facebook.

Overlap between Nicki Minaj and Samsung: 15,205 likes

Other than Nicki Minaj, people who like Samsung also like these public figures: Michelle Obama, Flo from the Progressive commercials, and Kim Kardashian.

But Apple fans really seem to look up to Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean, a character from the British comedy 'Mr. Bean,' has 37,915,626 likes on Facebook.

In the public figure category, Mr. Bean has the second most overlap after Rio de Janeiro.

Overlap between Mr. Bean and Apple: 3,903 likes

Victoria's Secret is the most popular clothing brand among Samsung and Apple fans

Victoria's Secret has a total of 21,826,409 likes on Facebook.

Overlap between Victoria's Secret and Samsung: 11,081 likes

Overlap between Victoria's Secret and Apple: 5,028 likes

You probably already know what the iPhone looks like, so here's a look at the Galaxy S4

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