Apple has a strange charging solution for its new iPad stylus

When Apple unveiled the Pencil stylus for iPad Pro earlier this year, there was some concern that charging it via the iPad Pro’s Lightning port could bend or break the Pencil’s Lightning connector.

It seems totally possible that the Pencil’s Lightning connector could bend or break if you accidentally nudged it the wrong way while it’s connected to the iPad Pro.

According to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, Apple has apparently come up with a solution. It will include a small adaptor with the Pencil that can plug into a Lightning cable’s connector, letting you charge the Pencil from a cable plugged into the wall or your computer’s USB port, just like you would with an iPhone or iPad.

This is also a solution in case you need to charge both the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil at the same time. The iPad Pro only has one Lightning port, after all.

The rectangular adaptor has two Lightning ports. One for the Lightning cable, and the other for the Pencil.

In the same report, Gurman notes that source familiar with the iPad Pro said that Apple staff have a November 6 deadline to complete training for the iPad Pro, which is consistent with a November release set by Apple, and means we could be seeing it in stores on time.

The dongle doesn’t seem like the most elegant charging solution for the Apple Pencil. It looks pretty small, so there’s a good chance people will lose it. It’s also the second weird charging solution we’ve seen from Apple recently. A few weeks ago, Apple introduced the new Magic Mouse, which also charges from a Lightning cable. But the charging port is on the bottom of the mouse, making it impossible to charge and use at the same time. However, the mouse does have a quick charge function that can get you a few hours’ of use after just two minutes of charging.

Magic mouseApple/Tech InsiderThe new Magic Mouse.

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