Apple Pay Is Coming To Gas Pumps

Apple Pay is coming to gas pumps, which will allow customers to pay for their tank of gas using their iPhone.

Chevron revealed on Twitter that it had been working with Apple to bring Apple Pay to gas pumps.

Chevron later clarified that while Apple Pay integration at gas pumps was in the works, the timeline was “not set.”

While Apple Pay is already accepted at Chevron and Texaco gas stations, according to MacRumors, it’s available only inside at gas-station cash registers. As Apple Pay is all about convenience, it makes sense that Chevron is planning a solution that will allow customers to pay with their iPhone without needing to go inside.

Since its launch on Oct. 20, Apple Pay has seen impressive adoption for such a fledgling payment method. Over 1 million credit cards were registered with Apple Pay in the first three days it was available, and the service grew to account for 1% of all digital transactions in November.

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